Twitter Features And Its Improvements

Twitter has been facing few criticisms in the last few months and there are lots of things surrounding this issue. The number of users in Twitter has seen a low when compared to other social media platforms including Facebook. There is also a slow user growth in Twitter as the audience expansion has been reducing than the expectations on the platform. The following are few important problems that must be addressed on Twitter to make it more effective to all.

1. Data control- Twitter has no control over the data share where as other social media platforms have their own restrictions. The content shared on Twitter is easily visible for all the people, but other social media platforms have restricted public view. Twitter is used by various people to share content on real-time all over the world and even address the issues. The social media giant also has proper ways to monetize its audience and the new user growth and the time spent has been the major concern. To solve this problem Twitter can access more insights and they can also use the same to manipulate the data to find the right signals. They can also offer their own search tool based on monitoring and tracking to solve this problem.

2. Prevent spam- The most important drawback faced by Twitter is it has become a place for spam. It has become a very common problem in Twitter where users just send a tweet with a spam message. You can also see the tweets related to a hashtag there will be spam messages attached to it. But Twitter has introduced the feature Moments where it can display its content without any junk. The users will be able to see most relevant and real-time tweets using the Moments feature. This is one of the best options that can be used to deal with spam messages. Twitter is capable to develop its own algorithm related to its on-platform activities and build a most focused recommendation reach the right type of tweet content.

3. Twitter user growth- This has been giving lot of problems for Twitter as the user growth has been reducing in the last few months. Twitter has been facing a tough competition with other similar social platforms to increase its user growth. There are few ways that can be followed by Twitter to deal with this problem. One important step is to link Periscope with Twitter as you can only see Periscope content on Twitter feeds at present. Periscope has been getting more audience and the user growth is also been increasing simultaneously. The tweet length is also been increased from 140 character in Twitter which is really an important step in attracting more users on this social media platform. Twitter is also making improvement in providing great customer service for its users. There are lot of new features introduced by Twitter to increase its user growth which includes emoji and GIF search.