Get Blog Topics Through Social Media

Those who are creating blogs posts must be facing lot of time online to get new ideas. But this can be made simple with the social media platform. Having good social conversations will help to get the best topics to start your blog post. There are few ways to use the social media channel to select the blog topics that can attract more audience.

1. Spread your social media discussion- You can use both your social media and blog to attract your audience. Once you have created the blog post, try to share it on the social media platform. You can just send a tweet to your followers with the blog post link and ask their opinion to make them engage with your social account. This is one of the ways to attract more people to subscribe with your blog and enter into a conversation. With this conversation you can easily get new ideas to modify your requirements for writing a blog post.

2. Get inspired with hashtags- In order to get updates about latest conversations on the social media channel like Twitter, you can just use the keywords related to a particular topic. Look for Twitter hashtags and start following them, but make sure that it is related to your business. Also take part in Twitter chats and try to host one if possible based on your business keyword. Once you know what people are discussing about your business, it is possible to get some ideas related to your blog post. Apart from Twitter, you can also go through other social media channels to get new ideas about starting a blog post.

3. FAQ answers- You can also start writing a blog post featuring FAQ’s and answer the questions asked by the people on social media regularly. Most of the people search answers in Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels. You can look for questions that are frequently asked by the people on social media networks which also include your fans as well as followers. To make the people know about your brand, try to ask questions by starting a new blog post to gives answer to them.

4. Look for other blogs- Social media platform can help to find out new connections related to your business. Interacting with social media people can help to create various connections by knowing their interests about a particular topic. You can ask the audience whether they are interested in starting a new guest blog and also reach to other people who are interested in similar topic.

5. Create a list- The lists can be helpful in highlighting your relationship with the particular social media profile as well as blog. You can create your lists by taking help from followers and fans to get the right answers. Then select the best answers to make your own list of the post. With the social media and blog, it is possible to get more benefit for your business.