Do We Have The Rights To Customize The Twitter Icon?

Hello everyone! How is your day now? Did you already have plans to start your own Twitter marketing career? Before or after you buy Twitter followers, I would like to remind you that this one is not going to be an easy one. In other words, there is no easy game for us to become Twitter marketers, and it is likely going to be a tough one for all of us. But I don’t like to say that if it is really tough for us to market our own campaigns with Twitter, we are going to back down a bit. I would urge you not to do that though.

Just keep trying until you finally found the secret sauce of your own campaigns. But for now, I am not going to talk more about some motivation for you to be a Twitter marketer. Instead, I will be talking about something else that I had in mind. For today’s blog post, I am now going to ask you a very simple question, and that is related to Twitter icons. What makes you really think that we do have the rights to customize any Twitter icon that are present as of today?

Do you think it will be all right for us to customize the Twitter icons? For me, I think we will be able to customize them, only if we are building our own brand. Speaking of building brands, I am referring to your own blog, Twitter service, or anything that is related to Twitter.