Twitter Marketing: Compare Social and Search Engine Traffic

If you try to become one of the best Twitter marketers in the world someday, you need to start something from the bottom. You know the reason why? It is simply because every online or internet marketer always start from the bottom, that is when you are about to get started with your own career. But I might discuss to you about that later on like no other. But for now, I would like to discuss something that is going to be very different once and for all. Without further ado, I would just like you to compare between social and search engine traffic.

Let us start first with the social traffic. This is for those internet and affiliate marketers, who are purely focused to gain targeted visitors from different social media portals on the planet. For those of you who are going to buy Twitter followers, I think this is something that you should do in terms of generating social media traffic once and for all. Other social media portals that I would like to consider are Facebook, Tumblr, Digg, StumbleUpon, Google Plus, Pinterest, Tout and a whole lot more. But what about the search engine traffic anyway?

This is a kind of traffic which will let you generate more visitors coming from the search engine itself. You can simply rely on different search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, but I may also consider other low tier search engines as well. But if both of them are combined as long it is legitimate, it can be powerful.