Using Instant Unlock Cards In Twitter

One of the latest ad option introduced by Twitter is called as ‘Instant Unlock Cards’ that can be used by the people to tweet only with exclusive content. With this new option you can increase your reach by offering the users in Twitter to share the brand message sent by you and this can also increase the response rate. This option is available for the all the users just like the conversational ads from Twitter that was introduced for the advertisers. Both these options have been specially developed by Twitter to improve the user engagement for the brand as they will provide a small amount of exclusive content for using their hashtag in a tweet. This is one of the most powerful method that can easily increase the brand awareness to make it much more successful.

The conversational ads usually feature the important images or videos along with call-to-action buttons and customizable hashtags that have been made to improve the conversation between a brand and the Twitter users. The Instant Unlock Card ads have been developed on this where the users will get good incentive for sending a tweet related to the brand. Once the tweet has been made with the hashtag, the brand will provide access to one of their exclusive content as incentive which will include interview, trailer and more. Whenever you tweet with the brand related hashtag, this will help in the development of brand awareness and the tweet made will be available globally for everyone to see.

To make this option work you must create an image or a video that must be completely unique for the people to see which can include interview, trailer or others. This will look like a promoted tweet in Twitter feeds of the user. To see the exclusive content, the users must send a tweet that must feature the selected hashtag which will help in promoting the brand all over the world. The content will get unlocked once you have posted a tweet with the particular hashtag that will be available for the user to see. The Instant Unlock Card ads can become an important tool for the advertisers if it is used in a proper way. It can improve the brands presence online and also help the users to get a reward while just sharing content.

Apart from this, Twitter Ads dashboard is also being updated which features options such as engagement metrics as well as statistics generated from all these ad formats. According to beta tests made by Twitter about the Instant Unlock Card ads, the brands received about 34 media rate media rate out of 100 paid impressions by sharing the brand hashtag which provided a good profit on their investment. Overall this looks a very important option for the brands as this can help in reaching more people and also get perfect response for their brand value which is very important for every business in the present market.