Improve Your Network With Twitter And LinkedIn

Twitter account can be linked with your LinkedIn profile will help to develop influence and increase your visibility through network connections. There are lot of benefits that can be availed by adding Twitter to LinkedIn Profile. To do this, first select edit profile in LinkedIn and add the Twitter account in Twitter field to create a direct link to it in the LinkedIn profile. You can also set up LinkedIn tweets application in LinkedIn to search the tweets. Some of the advantages that you can get with LinkedIn tweets application include to monitor Twitter streams in LinkedIn, track LinkedIn connections in Twitter, create status updates in both Twitter as well as LinkedIn and create Twitter list related to LinkedIn. Here are few simple steps to use tweets application for developing your social influence and increase your visibility.

1. Using tweets application to follow LinkedIn connections in Twitter- To do this, go to the option ‘Connections’ to follow the people whom you are not following till now. Just follow the people which can help them to follow you back even if you are not able to look for proper connections in Twitter.

2. Creating active Twitter list- Using Tweets application, create a unique active Twitter list in LinkedIn by visiting the ‘Connections’ tab. Then select the option ‘Save as Twitter List’ to see lists in the Tweets application. Now it is possible to view your streams in real time with the help of this option. Try to track the Twitter list to get good insight about the LinkedIn connections to increase the visibility online.

3. Use LinkedIn tweets to get engagement- Tweets application can be used to act like the Twitter client and also send a tweet, reply or share posts with the LinkedIn connections. Promoting as well as connecting with people is the best way to develop your social influence. Whenever you want to get a tweet within LinkedIn Twitter stream can be helpful to increase your LinkedIn network.

It is always important to retweet any important posts from LinkedIn connections in Tweets application. You can also check the box for sharing tweet similar to the status update. The retweet can be seen like the status update in the LinkedIn network which will become a hyperlink for Tweet page of individuals within the LinkedIn. This will provide a big chance for the particular person in Twitter. By doing all this, your content will get promoted to LinkedIn network along with an extended visibility on both the networks to get more Twitter followers. Try to spend more time in viewing your Twitter lists within LinkedIn Tweets application to get engaged with individuals and find relevant LinkedIn network to get more benefits. Make sure that your followers know that you have included your tweet as LinkedIn status update which could be useful for your network. By promoting yourself with professionals using LinkedIn, it can help to give more social influence and increase your visibility.