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Social Metrics With Better Monitoring Strategy

Monitoring your social metrics can be done with the help of a simple dashboard. You have to make a good plan to monitor good metrics on the social media. The following are few things that can help to understand how to control the dashboard to monitor the metrics.

1. Decide about your business target- This is an important task that will help you to stay on the right path. Social media is a small part of marketing strategy and by understanding the audience requirements it is possible to measure your target.  Business target can be slightly difficult to achieve which will help to improve your business sales and an option to measure your leads as well as marketing goals.

2. Plan your social strategy- You must use special tactics to reach your target. Try to make a plan that can help to get more traffic to your post that can be easily converted into leads. Make sure that your planning is able to attract more leads through your posts. Just select one of the social media channels to use your social strategy and you must separate plan on each social media network that you want to use to get more leads. Always use the data from your social media network on your website to get traffic to your landing page. You can also share the content from your site in your social media channel like Twitter and know how optimize your content types to get more engagements.

3. Assess your metrics- You can do this to decide what is important for you as it can help to track more number of data. Select the data that can be used to improve your strategy in attracting more leads in future. Keep on tracking the clicks, conversions, impressions and users to know which are the things that are getting you more engagement and not.

4. Dashboard tracking- The dashboard can be the best place to monitor all the marketing activities. Have a simple dashboard that can be easy to assess with weekly and monthly metrics. You can highlight all the important activities and make a note that can be used for the improvement of your business. There are also few tools that can be used to create the dashboard which can display all the data points. Some of the social management tools are feature default social media dashboards, but you cannot access website analytics.

5. Update your dashboard- Your dashboard must be useful during your entire marketing process, so try to update it on regular basis. Use this data to get recommendations for your momentum every month and send it to your team. With a perfect social media monitoring plan can help to achieve good momentum in your business to make it successful. Start your planning process in the right way to reach till the end of your dashboard. You will constantly improve your planning strategy after getting your dashboard updated on regular basis.

Maintaining Customers On Social Media Successfully

Social media has been a great platform for most of the businesses to interact with their customers and keep them engaged. Apart from having a normal relationship with your customer, there are few special things that can keep them attracted. By maintaining your customer in the right way on the social media platform, it is possible to develop your business in the right way. Here are few steps to maintain your customer successfully on the social media.  Social media network is considered to be a personal platform where people share their personal opinions on various things. With few simple mistakes businesses will lose their customers, so it is important to maintain a proper engagement with them on regular basis. The customer relation can be deepened with effective social marketing by the businesses and retaining your customer will automatically improve your brand value that can lead to good understanding.

1. Know customers personally- The customers would always like to treat them more personally than just a person who is taking a service from the business. Get in touch with your customer more individually and know more about them in order to maintain a good relationship. By knowing your customer personally, it is possible to anticipate what their needs will be in advance.

2. Using social media presence- This is very important as you must create your presence on the social media more effective. As a brand it is important for them to be easily found on the social media by the audience related to their business. Most of the customers stay active on the social media channels on regular basis, so try to reach them by selecting the right social platform by showing your presence effectively. To create your presence, first select the social platform where the customers stay active regularly and try to maintain an active profile. Now the brands can start their communications with their customers very easily.

3.  Reaching to customers- Once you have analyzed your customers presence on the social media platform, try to reach them directly. Most of the social media networks have been used different options to reach their customers and this has led them to develop various special apps that can make their work easier. Social media channels like Twitter has introduced Direct Messaging system that will help the customer support group to automate their welcome messages. Twitter has also introduced a number of buttons that would increase in dealing with most common issues.

4. Get your customers support- The customers will always be discussing about their experience with their related brand. Look for the customer testimonials for sharing it with others on the social media platform and reach to the people who are not satisfied with your service. This will create a good impression among your customers and they will recommend your brand with their followers or fans. Social media is a great platform to have one-to-one engagement that will help to know customers behavior.

Using Social Influencers To Promote Small Business

A small business can get more exposure on the social media network if they are able to find the right influencers to support them. Along with the influencers the small businesses can create high level of brand awareness and conversions. Just use the following methods to join your influencers and work along with them to improve your social marketing efforts. It is always possible to generate good number of leads with the help of micro-influencers.

1. Increase the level of search ranking- Just with the keyword optimization, it is not possible to get search ranking increased. You must use good level of organic links that must lead to your brand. Reach to influencers who can review your products which can help to bring high level of traffic as they will have large number of followers who can share their views about your products. You can simply reach your micro-bloggers with a special offer and request them to review your product and there is no need for any traditional advertising if you follow this technique.

2. Good number of leads- The influencers will be focusing on particular keywords which can be relevant to your business and once you reach them it is possible to increase the visibility of your brand. You can easily get more number of leads once you do this. Look for relevant micro-influencers and offer them a free sample of your products. Also let understand the value and benefits of your products which will help them in sharing it with their fans.

3. Reach to new audiences- One of the best ways to engage with your new audience is by offering them rewards. Suggest a giveaway to your micro-influencers which will automatically increase your brand awareness. It is not possible for the people to know about your brand in the beginning of your business and even if they know it is possible to make them buy your product. So use your influencers to recommend the new audience about your product with a good review. Try to start a contest which will help people on the social media platform to know more about your brand.

4. Bring in more conversions- There are few chances that the new audience will be hesitant to purchase your product even after promoting them with the help of influencers. So in such cases, you can just provide special discount coupons and other special giveaways to keep them attracted.

5. Earn the audiences trust- You can do this by reaching to the audience during a cause. Use your influencers to support your cause by mentioning them to their followers which can help to develop a trust among the audience. It is not easy for a small startup business to perform better on such a big market, so try to gain the trust of your audience with the help of your influencers. Be first to stand for a particular cause which will appeal to your audience and significantly increase your brand capacity.

Get Blog Topics Through Social Media

Those who are creating blogs posts must be facing lot of time online to get new ideas. But this can be made simple with the social media platform. Having good social conversations will help to get the best topics to start your blog post. There are few ways to use the social media channel to select the blog topics that can attract more audience.

1. Spread your social media discussion- You can use both your social media and blog to attract your audience. Once you have created the blog post, try to share it on the social media platform. You can just send a tweet to your followers with the blog post link and ask their opinion to make them engage with your social account. This is one of the ways to attract more people to subscribe with your blog and enter into a conversation. With this conversation you can easily get new ideas to modify your requirements for writing a blog post.

2. Get inspired with hashtags- In order to get updates about latest conversations on the social media channel like Twitter, you can just use the keywords related to a particular topic. Look for Twitter hashtags and start following them, but make sure that it is related to your business. Also take part in Twitter chats and try to host one if possible based on your business keyword. Once you know what people are discussing about your business, it is possible to get some ideas related to your blog post. Apart from Twitter, you can also go through other social media channels to get new ideas about starting a blog post.

3. FAQ answers- You can also start writing a blog post featuring FAQ’s and answer the questions asked by the people on social media regularly. Most of the people search answers in Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels. You can look for questions that are frequently asked by the people on social media networks which also include your fans as well as followers. To make the people know about your brand, try to ask questions by starting a new blog post to gives answer to them.

4. Look for other blogs- Social media platform can help to find out new connections related to your business. Interacting with social media people can help to create various connections by knowing their interests about a particular topic. You can ask the audience whether they are interested in starting a new guest blog and also reach to other people who are interested in similar topic.

5. Create a list- The lists can be helpful in highlighting your relationship with the particular social media profile as well as blog. You can create your lists by taking help from followers and fans to get the right answers. Then select the best answers to make your own list of the post. With the social media and blog, it is possible to get more benefit for your business.

Twitter Features And Its Improvements

Twitter has been facing few criticisms in the last few months and there are lots of things surrounding this issue. The number of users in Twitter has seen a low when compared to other social media platforms including Facebook. There is also a slow user growth in Twitter as the audience expansion has been reducing than the expectations on the platform. The following are few important problems that must be addressed on Twitter to make it more effective to all.

1. Data control- Twitter has no control over the data share where as other social media platforms have their own restrictions. The content shared on Twitter is easily visible for all the people, but other social media platforms have restricted public view. Twitter is used by various people to share content on real-time all over the world and even address the issues. The social media giant also has proper ways to monetize its audience and the new user growth and the time spent has been the major concern. To solve this problem Twitter can access more insights and they can also use the same to manipulate the data to find the right signals. They can also offer their own search tool based on monitoring and tracking to solve this problem.

2. Prevent spam- The most important drawback faced by Twitter is it has become a place for spam. It has become a very common problem in Twitter where users just send a tweet with a spam message. You can also see the tweets related to a hashtag there will be spam messages attached to it. But Twitter has introduced the feature Moments where it can display its content without any junk. The users will be able to see most relevant and real-time tweets using the Moments feature. This is one of the best options that can be used to deal with spam messages. Twitter is capable to develop its own algorithm related to its on-platform activities and build a most focused recommendation reach the right type of tweet content.

3. Twitter user growth- This has been giving lot of problems for Twitter as the user growth has been reducing in the last few months. Twitter has been facing a tough competition with other similar social platforms to increase its user growth. There are few ways that can be followed by Twitter to deal with this problem. One important step is to link Periscope with Twitter as you can only see Periscope content on Twitter feeds at present. Periscope has been getting more audience and the user growth is also been increasing simultaneously. The tweet length is also been increased from 140 character in Twitter which is really an important step in attracting more users on this social media platform. Twitter is also making improvement in providing great customer service for its users. There are lot of new features introduced by Twitter to increase its user growth which includes emoji and GIF search.

Attract Customers Through Sales Video

Using video on the social media platform can help in attracting more audience and increase your revenue. Adding a video to the marketing process can make it more effective. The users in social media like Twitter can be easily attracted with the help of video content. Video marketing is one of the most important and unique way to reaching your audience on the social media channels and it gives an opportunity to become successful. The following are few things that can be followed to create social video and use it for the improvement of sales.

1. Using sales video- In the present social media platforms, most of the people use sales video to improve their business as it can easily attract more audience to your post. To use the video you must first create it in a proper way such as your video must explain the problems related to your customers about your service and it must also contain the solution. Use a story on your video which must keep the viewers engaged. The video must also promote your product and it must be able to make the viewers to purchase it.

2. Video automation- Once you have prepared to sales video, try to automate it as this will help to run your video even when you are not involved in your social media. Automation is the most simple process that can help to get lot of growth to your sales. There are different ways to automate the sales video like designing your own landing page, but try to select the suitable pixel and size for the video. Also make sure that your landing page looks simple and it must feature a video based headline. If possible you can also create a second ad related to your product and it must be visible only to the people who are visiting your landing page.

3. Up sell video- The up sell video is used to provide complementary service about your product which can get extra sales from your purchasers. You can use the similar content that is featured in your primary product and adjust it with additional benefits about your new product to attract the customers.

4. Improve your marketing strategy- It is important to know how your sales video is performing which can be done by simply assessing your metrics. You have to make some adjustments in the marketing process if you find one of the aspects is not performing well. In case the video has not worked as per your expectations, try to understand it has not been able to reach the audience and use it while preparing your next video. One of the smart ways of marketing your product is during a love event. Live video can easily make the viewers to engage and reach to you easily. Also share a message during the live event with the audience and interact with them through chatting from your social media profile.

Taking Care Of Customer Complaints On Social Media

In the present day most of the business handle their customers through social media. It is important for every business to respond customer’s complaints as soon as possible to increase the customer loyalty. The following are few simple steps that can be used for dealing with customer complaints through the social media platform. If you respond to customers complaints on the social media platform positively and quickly, this will help them recommend your brand to others.

1. Act fast- Make sure that you are able to act quickly to complaints made by the customers. You must reply to customer’s complaints within a specified time like an hour. Try to answer to your customers in the right way and let them know you are ready to respond to them. Answering to your customers queries on weekends is also important to prevent any negative feedback.

2. Accept mistakes- In case you have done any mistake while promoting the product or dealing with your customers, try to accept the mistake made by you. Try to apologize on the social media and acknowledge mistakes to prevent your customers from acting against your brand. You must post a reasonable apology to make your customers know that you are really sorry for the mistake. Never copy an apology from social media and post it in your profile as it will fail to reach them.

3. Discuss personally- The communications that are made through social media will be visible to all and this can harm your brand name. So try to take the discussion offline by meeting them personally without using social media platform. By doing this you will make your customers know that you want to resolve the problems and also avoid others from entering into the conversation in the social media platform.

4. Never automate your response- Whenever your customer posts a negative comment on the social media, try to acknowledge them personally without using any automated message. Always reply to customers with conversational tone and try to address your customer with their name. Also make your customers realize that you will help them resolving their issues and take the responsibility if the issue is related to your company.

5. Respond positively- When your customer posts a negative comment related to your brand on the social media you must respond to them in a positive manner. Never use harsh word while sending a reply to their negative post as they are angry related to your product or service. If you reply to them in an aggressive manner it will make things much worse.

6. Never delete comments- When you see a negative comment from your customer on the social media, make sure not to delete them. This will make your customer leave the social media and also post negative things about your brand. In case the customer has posted really bad comment that would affect your brand, first you must issue a warning and then block them.

Using Social Media To Maintain Customer Reliability

Customer reliability is very important for every business which can help in achieving more number of people. There are a number of ways available for increasing your customer reliability and in the present time most of the businesses use social media to promote their products where it is not so easy to maintain the loyalty of your customer. Social media has been part of every business now as most of them prefer it for reaching out to people very easily. The following are few important tips for keeping up your customer loyalty in a proper way on the social media platform. Improve your customer reliability which in turn will bring more people to your business and also make your brand more accessible to others on the social media platform.

1. Customer interaction- Interacting with your customers is a very important process and social media helps to do this in a perfect way. This can help in developing a good relation with your customers and also keep them attracted to your brand. There are lots of listening tools available for the social media that can help to monitor data points and it can help in getting good content ideas to reach out to your customer.

2. Plan your engagement- It is possible to build up your conversion activities by planning your engagement and concentrate mainly on developing good relationship with your customers. Plan your conversion activities and try to enter into one with your customer and most of the people will engage themselves with their mobile that makes the conversion really simple.

3. Look for social advocates- Most of the marketers are well aware that their reliable customers make more purchase which will help the brands by saving customer gaining costs. There are several listening tools available related to social media that can be used to find the social advocates. To get deeply engaged with your customer on the social media platform you must ask the customers to identify themselves to achieve a reward from you.

4. Starting your reward program- Support your customers by providing a proper reward to maintain a fair loyalty. There are different rewards that support various types of audiences to get tailored into the business. You can provide access to useful content for those whom you are considered to be VIPs. Try to personalize the offers that you are going to provide to your customers and also give them an opportunity to see your next promotion related to the brand.

5. Assess your customer reaction- Try to link your conversion activities with the CRM during your sales process and look for your social engagement growth as well as and following. When the try to share more things it is possible to create a virtual effect related to your brand advocacy which will increase the interests of other people related to your business. Social media is known to play a very important role while having a good relationship with your customer.

Improve Your Network With Twitter And LinkedIn

Twitter account can be linked with your LinkedIn profile will help to develop influence and increase your visibility through network connections. There are lot of benefits that can be availed by adding Twitter to LinkedIn Profile. To do this, first select edit profile in LinkedIn and add the Twitter account in Twitter field to create a direct link to it in the LinkedIn profile. You can also set up LinkedIn tweets application in LinkedIn to search the tweets. Some of the advantages that you can get with LinkedIn tweets application include to monitor Twitter streams in LinkedIn, track LinkedIn connections in Twitter, create status updates in both Twitter as well as LinkedIn and create Twitter list related to LinkedIn. Here are few simple steps to use tweets application for developing your social influence and increase your visibility.

1. Using tweets application to follow LinkedIn connections in Twitter- To do this, go to the option ‘Connections’ to follow the people whom you are not following till now. Just follow the people which can help them to follow you back even if you are not able to look for proper connections in Twitter.

2. Creating active Twitter list- Using Tweets application, create a unique active Twitter list in LinkedIn by visiting the ‘Connections’ tab. Then select the option ‘Save as Twitter List’ to see lists in the Tweets application. Now it is possible to view your streams in real time with the help of this option. Try to track the Twitter list to get good insight about the LinkedIn connections to increase the visibility online.

3. Use LinkedIn tweets to get engagement- Tweets application can be used to act like the Twitter client and also send a tweet, reply or share posts with the LinkedIn connections. Promoting as well as connecting with people is the best way to develop your social influence. Whenever you want to get a tweet within LinkedIn Twitter stream can be helpful to increase your LinkedIn network.

It is always important to retweet any important posts from LinkedIn connections in Tweets application. You can also check the box for sharing tweet similar to the status update. The retweet can be seen like the status update in the LinkedIn network which will become a hyperlink for Tweet page of individuals within the LinkedIn. This will provide a big chance for the particular person in Twitter. By doing all this, your content will get promoted to LinkedIn network along with an extended visibility on both the networks to get more Twitter followers. Try to spend more time in viewing your Twitter lists within LinkedIn Tweets application to get engaged with individuals and find relevant LinkedIn network to get more benefits. Make sure that your followers know that you have included your tweet as LinkedIn status update which could be useful for your network. By promoting yourself with professionals using LinkedIn, it can help to give more social influence and increase your visibility.

Using Instant Unlock Cards In Twitter

One of the latest ad option introduced by Twitter is called as ‘Instant Unlock Cards’ that can be used by the people to tweet only with exclusive content. With this new option you can increase your reach by offering the users in Twitter to share the brand message sent by you and this can also increase the response rate. This option is available for the all the users just like the conversational ads from Twitter that was introduced for the advertisers. Both these options have been specially developed by Twitter to improve the user engagement for the brand as they will provide a small amount of exclusive content for using their hashtag in a tweet. This is one of the most powerful method that can easily increase the brand awareness to make it much more successful.

The conversational ads usually feature the important images or videos along with call-to-action buttons and customizable hashtags that have been made to improve the conversation between a brand and the Twitter users. The Instant Unlock Card ads have been developed on this where the users will get good incentive for sending a tweet related to the brand. Once the tweet has been made with the hashtag, the brand will provide access to one of their exclusive content as incentive which will include interview, trailer and more. Whenever you tweet with the brand related hashtag, this will help in the development of brand awareness and the tweet made will be available globally for everyone to see.

To make this option work you must create an image or a video that must be completely unique for the people to see which can include interview, trailer or others. This will look like a promoted tweet in Twitter feeds of the user. To see the exclusive content, the users must send a tweet that must feature the selected hashtag which will help in promoting the brand all over the world. The content will get unlocked once you have posted a tweet with the particular hashtag that will be available for the user to see. The Instant Unlock Card ads can become an important tool for the advertisers if it is used in a proper way. It can improve the brands presence online and also help the users to get a reward while just sharing content.

Apart from this, Twitter Ads dashboard is also being updated which features options such as engagement metrics as well as statistics generated from all these ad formats. According to beta tests made by Twitter about the Instant Unlock Card ads, the brands received about 34 media rate media rate out of 100 paid impressions by sharing the brand hashtag which provided a good profit on their investment. Overall this looks a very important option for the brands as this can help in reaching more people and also get perfect response for their brand value which is very important for every business in the present market.