Is It Time For Twitter To Conquer Social Media?

Hello guys! I would like to welcome you on my wonderful blog! Do you know why I choose Twitter? It is because Twitter gives me an ability to promote my campaigns so easily. What makes you really that Twitter is so God damn easy for all of us to promote our own campaigns? It is simply because that the user interface was so easy enough for us to market your own campaigns. When things are going easy for all of us, there’s no way we can think that it can be too hard for us to buy Twitter followers like no other.

Since it was so easy for us to use Twitter, there is one question that I have to ask you right now. Do you think it is about damn time for Twitter to conquer the world of social media? For now, I think it is not yet the time. Although that Twitter is already popular and one of the top ten social media sites of today, they are not yet ready to conquer the world of social media. What are those websites that they should surpass in order to conquer it like no other? I am talking about both Facebook and Youtube.

Respectively, both of these social media sites are ranked 2nd and 3rd for the most visits in a single day. Twitter was among the top ten right now, but they do have the potential to surpass both Facebook and Youtube like no other. It will take them a long time to conquer once and for all.