The Possibility of Twitter’s Social Media Domination

Twitter has become one of the most gigantic social media networks in the world right now. It means that if we have plans to buy Twitter followers, there is a good chance that we might be getting a lot of traffic, clicks, conversions and even possible sales for our own campaigns. But how do we know that we can simply get an amount like this on our respective websites and blogs? I think it would be really simple for me to tell you about that right now, because this one would be very interesting once and for all.

But why is it that it would be very interesting for us to read this article right now?

It is because last time, I have discussed to you about Twitter’s possibility to conquer the world of social media. Do you think it is time for Twitter now to dominate the entire social media world? Can they dominate Facebook and Youtube now? I really don’t think so, for now. It will be a long way to go for Twitter to make it happen, and it can be much longer. You know why? Think about Youtube, it is owned by Google itself. Google is the number one visited website in the world, and Youtube is just the third one.

On the other hand, Facebook itself is ranked second among the most visited websites in the world, and they are trying to maintain it as of now. As a result, it would be hard for Twitter to completely dominate the entire social media.