The Competitors of Twitter

Just like what I did mentioned to you in the previous blog post that I have as the one who buy Twitter followers, I will be mentioning to you the list of competitors that are being tough for Twitter. Would you like me to tell you all about this right now? About the list of Twitter’s competitors? Without further ado, I would be revealing to you now about the different competitors for Twitter.

1. Facebook

Probably this social media site was indeed the toughest competitor of them all. Facebook was indeed the second overall most visited site behind Google, and Youtube is just behind it. This is why I only mention that Twitter was one of the top ten, but not on the top three. But I think one day, Twitter will surpass Youtube and Facebook for good.

2. Pinterest

This is another promising and high rising competitor above the ropes. Pinterest was one of the fastest growing social media sites that we have ever seen in our entire lives. As Twitter will let us tweet anything through texts and links, Pinterest has come up with a whole new level. Instead of just links and texts, they are more on images too, for good.

3. LinkedIn

For me, this one is another tough competitor. You know why? LinkedIn was indeed one of the best professional social media sites on the planet. As a matter of fact, I would really think that it can indeed compete against Twitter or anybody else, once and for all.