Twitter Has A Long Way To Go?

In the last blog post that I have in store for you as the one who literally buy Twitter followers, I think it was indeed all about the list of competitors for Twitter. But for now, I really do have a question for you right now as a Twitter marketer. If you really do not mind at all, I think there is no such doubt that you might be answering this once and for all. Are you ready for such question that I am about to ask for now? If you are indeed ready for this one, let’s get into it then, shall we?

What makes you really think that Twitter has a long way to go?

What do you mean if Twitter is still going to walk into a journey for itself? Do you think there is still room for Twitter to improve once and for all? Well for me, I already appreciated that Twitter was indeed one of the top ten social media sites of all time (and of course, my number one of all time), but I think there are still some things that Twitter should work on for good. I think there is nothing wrong for us to think that Twitter has still a long way to go.

Once you are about to see some good things that Twitter have in store for us, there is a good chance that Twitter might indeed improve their own service to their own users for good. It is just that Twitter has still something to prove.