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Twitter Features Introduced And Changed

Twitter has been introducing new features every month, but some of them have not been reached the wider audience. There are few things that can be used very easily even though they have not been realized by many Twitter users. Here are four of such features that were introduced by Twitter a year ago that have received well by the people.

1. Event targeting- The events have been very popular among the digital marketer as they are related to on-page actions as well as engagements. This feature helps the users to target some of the people who have shown interest in the events. Twitter features event calendar that includes some of the most important global events related to various categories such as sports, festivals, music, etc. The events can be explored in advance by looking at the according to campaigns month wise.

2. Ads editor- The ads editor was introduced by Twitter to keep the campaign management very simple and it is completely different from AdWords if you have want to use it. This features is available with bulk uploading function in its own interface which is not found it other editors. It is possible to download Excel file along with the campaigns and make changes for re-uploading it again. You can also make multiple changes which will make the multiple campaigns easier and also save time.

3. New bidding opportunities- Twitter also introduced new cost per bidding opportunities that were based on a particular objective such as cost per install and optimized action bidding. Both these features will make the advertisers to pay just for their actions which have been aligned with its objectives. Cost per click has been seen from a long time by people as it helped the advertisers to easily bid on the app clicks. The cost per install and optimized action bidding will help the advertisers to specially bid on the app installed.

4. Twitter audience platform or Twitter publisher network- Most of the people who are new to Twitter will have lot of confusion about these two features. But these two features are same as the Twitter publisher network was renamed as Twitter audience platform a year ago. Twitter Audience Platform is capable of combining 2 new objectives which will be useful for the advertisers to extend Promoted Video as well as Tweet engagement campaigns in this feature. The Twitter also changed name of its other features such as promoted tweets into ad formats and customizable CTA buttons were introduced. All the Twitter users will be able to retweet and also favorite their tweets directly with the help of Twitter audience platform ad.

Twitter has been making new announcements from a long time and some of the features have been very popular among most of the users. The mobile app introduced by Twitter a year ago for both iOs and Android version mobile devices have been used by most of the Twitter users in their mobile.

Twitter Lists And Its Purpose

A twitter list is a group of users that can be created on your own or even subscribe to the lists that have been created by others. To set-up the twitter list, first you must go to profile icon to see the options in drop-down as well as actual profile. Then select ‘Create List’ from the right side to see the name of your list and add description before choosing it to be private or public. Now you can add people in the list with the help of search option using the username. It is also possible to include individual user from the profile directly and view the tweets from particular list by going through the list from the tab in your profile. There are few important things that must be considered while creating and controlling the twitter lists.

1. Using twitter lists as business- Those who are using the twitter for promoting their brand must create their unique content and also look at other important brand names. Try to interact and even resolve the issues of the users. You must have a complete track of the social media network to create more functions for your organization.

2. Using twitter lists as professional- Most of the people would like to use the social media as a group and they will be very busy with other works. In case the twitter has been used during your working hours, then it can help in finding out the right content for your post. Try to find out the posts that are related to your work and interact with people before sharing.

3. Using twitter lists as individual- Those who are looking to use twitter for their own purpose can also find the right thing for them. Many people want to get the news in real time and this can be the best way to do it.

Twitter lists are known to be a very powerful tool that can be set-up within few minutes and get involved easily. It can also help the group people to join together in the categories who have same interests. The most important thing after getting added to the list of the user has noticed your profile. The users will be able to see your interests and like the tweets in your account. It is possible to add around 1,000 lists featuring a maximum number of 5,000 accounts. By listing your account in twitter list can help in making your tweets visible to other users who have subscribed to the twitter list. This is the best way to get publicized very easily. Anyone can add people who have been associated with a particular event in the twitter list that is a perfect way to develop a strong relationship. In case you want to remove a user from the list, select person icon to see drop-down menu and choose remove from lists. Now you can concentrate on getting good response from other users with your tweets.